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Trotec, Germany manufactures several measuring devices and are supplied by Vacker Group within the Middle East:

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  1. Infrared Thermometer for measurement of temperature with the use of Infrared rays. These are also referred to as IR Meters, IR gun thermometer and so forth. Different models in this variety are:


    • Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer RP05
    • Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer RP10
    • Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer RP15
    • BP25 Pyrometer-Dew Point Scanner
    • BP10 Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer
    • TP7 Pyrometer
    • TP10 Pyrometer

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  2. Multifunctional Measuring Instrument T3000 may be used to measure lot of various parameters truely via manner of converting the sensor similar to the favored size.

    • Moisture meter T3000
    • Material Moisture Meter Set T3000
    • Anemometer Set T3000
    • Climate Set T3000
  3. Infrared thermal digital camera are used for thermal imaging and artwork with Infrared rays. Different models of thermal virtual camera are:


    • Thermal Imaging Camera IC080V
    • Thermal Imaging Camera IC120V
    • Thermal Imaging Camera IC080LV
    • Thermal Imaging Camera IC120LV
  4. Thermo Hygrometers (Temperature and humidity meters) are used to reveal modern temperature and humidity readings. Various available models of thermos-hygrometers are


    • Indoor Thermo hygrometer BZ05
    • Infrared Thermo hygrometer T260
    • Thermo hygrometer T210
    • Thermo hygrometer BC06
    • Thermo hygrometer BC21
  5. Food thermometers are used to measure temperature of processed meals, frozen food, food under cooking and so forth. We have unique models of meals thermometers:

    • Food Thermometer BP5F
    • Food probe Penetration Thermometer BT20
  6. Layer thickness measuring gadgets are used to measure thickness of coating together with paint. Two fashions are available in this range:

    • Layer Thickness Measuring Device BB20
    • Layer Thickness Measuring Device BB25
  7. Laser distance measuring devices are used to measure distance the usage of laser beams. Different models are available for awesome type of distances and accuracy:

    • Distance Meter BD10
    • Distance Meter BD20
    • Distance Meter BD25
    • Distance Meter Disto D2
    • Distance Meter Disto D210
    • Distance Meter Disto X310
    • Distance Meter Disto D510
    • Distance Meter Disto D810
  8. Anemometer (Air present day-day meter) is used to measure the charge of glide of air. There are 3 unique models to be had:

    • Impeller Anemometer BA06
    • Impeller Anemometer BA16
    • Hot twine anemometer TD300
  9. Carbon monoxide measuring tool BG20

  10. Methane Gas detector BG30

  11. Sound degree measuring devices for measuring sound degree in decibels

    • Sound Level Meter BS06
    • Sound Level Meter SL300
  12. Lux meter BF06 for measuring the depth of moderate.

  13. Particle counter P200 for measuring air top notch

  14. Moisture meters for measuring moisture content cloth material, fabric in timber, partitions, constructing material and so on.

    • Moisture measuring tool BM12
    • Moisture measuring device BM18
    • Moisture Indicator BM21
    • Moisture Indicator BM31
    • Wood and constructing moisture measuring device T510
    • Material moisture measuring tool T610
    • Material moisture measuring tool T660
  15. Wall scanners BI 15 for locating metal gadgets internal wall

  16. Pipe detector SR20 for detecting underground pipes

  17. Magnetometer MD200 for locating underground metallic gadgets

  18. Pipe digital digicam (Seesnake Inspection structures for pipe) are for inspection of inaccessible factors together with pipes, ducts and so on.

    • Seesnake Micro drain
    • Seesnake microReel
    • Seesnake nanoReel
    • Digital inspection virtual digicam Micro CA300
  19. Videoscopes are for inspection of inaccessible areas.

    • Video inspector BO21
    • Mini Video scope BO25
  20. Ultrasonic leak detector SL2000 are for leak detection of corporation systems, pipe networks and so on.


Vacker Africa provides various types of measuring devices in major countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

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