IQF Individually Quick Frozen Freezers

///IQF Individually Quick Frozen Freezers

IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen freezers. IQF means that each piece of meals is frozen one after the opposite from others. This technological data is generally used inside the culinary arts. The freezer that makes use of the technology of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) is the IQF Freezer. Vacker Kenya has been supplying answers to cope with along aspect facilitating on troubles referring to cooking, all around the state. We have been offering IQF Freezers to the most crucial cities in Kenya

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If you have located then IQF meals are quite and one after the other frozen. The portions of food do now not freeze together becoming a pile or a lump with a thick layer of frost over the food. Rather every piece of meals is probably frozen one after the other. As a brilliant instance, a bag of peas can be taken. Next time you go to a departmental save for purchasing a sparkling packet of peas then you definitely want to study them minutely. You will word that every piece of the pea is frozen and appearance alike. Many surrender stop forestall result, veggies and meat are frozen using IQF freezers. Some of the examples are: corn, inexperienced beans, peas, seafood like scallops and shrimp, greens like inexperienced beans, peas and corn and meat like bird breasts and plenty more.

In IQF freezers a conveyor belt is suitable to a blast freezer that is supposed to freeze the object in a brief percent of time. The food items are in my opinion despatched inside the conveyor belt into the blast-freezer that freezes the object right away. If you have had been given had been given determined that the frozen elements are non-sticky and end up independent from each different, this is due to the reality the food gadgets are sent one after the other within the freezer and stay separated after being frozen too.

The IQF makes use of cryogenic carbon dioxide fuel or liquid nitrogen gas. With the usage of this gasoline, the moisture, freshness and the shape of frozen components are locked. Vacker Kenya gives the clients a very depended on and reliable IQF freezer to preserve the food with its freshness and moisture. The cryogenic IQF freezers from Vacker Kenya is designed hygienically that discards the slowdown, bottlenecks and shortage of product which might be related to the preceding freezers. The IQF freezers provided our business organization has green and hygienic freezing method.

Individually quick freezing with the usage of cryogenic CO2 fuel or every so often liquid nitrogen locks the moisture. Apart from locking the moisture, it moreover allows in maintaining the form and regular freshness of the small meals devices which is probably saved within the freezers. As number one techniques of in my opinion quick freezing of meals, the flighted freezer has been in use for the cause that final couple of a long term. This orthodox technique is but being modified thru current-day and advanced strategies of IQF. As part of the culinary paintings, Vacker Kenya has changed the antique and orthodox with more contemporary and extra inexperienced IQF freezers which can be designed for hygiene and can reduce the possibilities of loss of products because of the vintage IQF freezers.

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IQF Freezers are perfect for the following meals:

  1. Protein wealthy food: Sliced portions of meat that can be glazed or marinated, meatballs, fishes, shrimps, and specific sea additives.
  2. Prepared components: Pizza dough and toppings, dumplings and prepared to bake gadgets.
  3. Fruits and vegetables: a ramification of sparkling fruits and vegetables are stored in the IQF Freezers.

Vacker Kenya is at the front line of presenting IQF generation based totally freezers to everywhere inside the Kingdom and might in form answers just so our clients discover unique requirements.

We use special techniques in presenting a diffusion of IQF freezers so you can hold your separate IQF merchandise one after the other as they freeze. Majority of our products are pretty green, hygienically designed that offer massive price economic financial savings within the course of all of the flighted freezers.

For thick food or a few different food which can require mainly longer freezing time, Vacker Kenya has merchandise in provide. For such factors, especially immersion in cryo nitrogen is performed and afterwards nitrogen gasoline is used.

Some of the IQF freezers that Vacker Kenya additives embody supplementary talents which includes the pulsators, bed vibrators and wave plates that help in retaining apart the stored products on this kind of way that consequences in retaining freshness of IQF greens, with the shape, colour and texture of the IQF saved merchandise intact.

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