Industrial Air Dryers

Industrial dryers are for drying air very quickly. These are unique forms of drying device primarily based on the software program. A commercial enterprise dryer can quickly dry out the moisture within the air. We supply numerous varieties of dryers in all Middle East and African countries. As the approach is drying of air, the ones are also referred to as air dryers. Drying method consists of evaporation and ultimately the ones are also referred to as evaporation dryers. Air dryers make the evaporation technique faster.

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Applications of Air dryers


There are many commercial applications of this devices. Few examples are as underneath:

  1. Drying of briquettes within the route of manufacture. While briquettes are heated, moisture spreads into air. It is vital to eliminate this moist air fast clearly so the briquettes are of excessive incredible. Air dryers are beneficial for such applications.
  2. Drying within the path of pharmaceutical production. During method and packaging of prescription drugs, the air wants to be absolutely dry.
  3. Dryer for smooth room to put off moisture and to maintain low humidity ranges.
  4. Electronic production areas require sincerely dry atmospheric condition.
  5. Removal of moisture using commercial enterprise dryers subsequently of meals processing and packaging organization.
  6. We can use these as carpet dryers. Wet carpets cannot be dried efficiently without use of air dryers.
  7. Drying of wet floors and timber flooring may be executed successfully the usage of industrial dryers.
  8. Dried fruit processing and packaging requires moisture-less surroundings.
  9. Metal fabrication and welding company employer desires a dry environment. This is vital to preserve excessive high-quality steel joints.
  10. It can lessen unsightly perfume precipitated because of moist air.

Air dryer version DK 65

Industrial Air Dryers DK65

This is a condensation kind air dryer appropriate for small and medium kind applications. This does no longer need any certain set up technique. The patron can virtually plugin the device and it starts off evolved jogging. The condensed water desires to be tired out via the usage of connecting a pipe to the dryer.

Brief specification of air dryer version DK 65 are as below:

  1. It has a drying capability of 30 liter steady with day at an ambient temperature of 20 °C and Relative humidity of 60% RH.
  2. It has an air processing capability of 1100 m³/h.
  3. It can perform internal a temperature variety from 1°C to 40°C.
  4. It can perform inner a humidity form of 30%RH to 100%RH.
  5. The operation voltage is 230Volt, 50 Hz.
  6. The form of cooling agent is R-410a.
  7. It has an internal hygrostat to regulate and manage the specified humidity.

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Industrial dryer version DK 105

This version of commercial dryer is for medium to immoderate save you drying packages which embody for factories:

  1. It has an included water pump to pump the condensed water.
  2. It comes with an automated defrost device in order that frosting does now not appear.
  3. Pressure gauges are to be had to indicate the pressure of the refrigerant.
  4. It has a most drying potential of 175 liters in line with day at ambient temperature of 30°C and 80 % RH.
  5. It has an air processing ability of 2000 m³/h.
  6. It can function interior a temperature variety from 5°C to 32°C.
  7. It can feature inner a humidity form of 30p.CRH to 100%RH.
  8. The operation voltage is 3Phase, 4 hundred Volt, 50 Hz.
  9. Industrial Air Dryers DK105
  10. The kind of cooling agent is R-407C.
  11. It is extensively silent generating fine 70 decibel at a distance of one meter.
Use a business air blower along component an air dryer

A commercial corporation is likewise known as an Industrial fan. This is used to circulate the air quicker than the same vintage price. This will help the drying gadget. These might not be suitable for a residential surroundings. You can use our heavy obligation fan version 1500 for such air movement dreams.

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Industrial Air Dryers 1500

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